GARDEN ROUTE PORTRAITS Photographer in the Garden Route.

Covid-19 PPE Face Mask and PPE Face Shield Product Photo shoot in George South Africa

Selected images from the product shoot for the Garden Route Print Company, Blitsdruk in George, Knysna and Mossel bay photographing the COVID-19 PPE Face-Masks and PPE Face-Shields that they have created for sale online and in stores in bulk volumes and directly to consumers throughout the Garden Route and South Africa to help in the fight against the COVID-19 virus.

It felt so good to create new work, even if it was in our own home-studio setup that we created in our garage. Due to Lockdown restrictions we took turns modelling and photographing each other with the products.

For more info on the PPE Face-Masks and Face-Shields you can contact Blitsdruk and for more info on COVID-19 you can visit the National Government website.

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